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Save thousands in medical costs & protect yourself from future pain!

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Happy Patients

First chiropractic experience – and it was much better than I could have imagined. I came in feeling like I was going to doctors appointment, and left feeling like I’d just done yoga with all the proper form.

Bryan is great to work with, and has a wealth of knowledge in his practice. He’s able to explain techniques to those, like myself, who are new to the chiropractic space.

After just a few sessions, I was totally happy – hearing less pops and creaks, feeling increased flexibility and better alignment.

Would definitely recommend.

Monica San Juan

“I must say that Dr. Bryan Kappe is very knowledgeable and very capable on helping his patients to get the proper treatment they need. He listened to his patients with compassion and care. He answered all my questions and concerns and that’s important.”

Rochelle Un

“AMAZING!! I hobbled in to his office after 2 weeks of walking in the shape of an “L” and being in pretty severe pain. Literally after the first adjustment he made I could feel the tension and pressure release and knew I was in the right hands. Dr. Kappe has a firm but gentle approach to total body care, he cares about you, and wants to be sure you understand why he’s making the adjustments…not just for “cracks”!! I was walking UPRIGHT out of his office and two days later was able to crawl around on the floor with my 3 year old granddaughter and play!! Very pleased with his bedside manner, technique, and knowledge!! “

Julie K Dickens

“Cervical Traction was super neat and very helpful! I learned a lot and am extremely confident this will help me and it could help you too!”

Rebecca Galerne 'student'

“Dr. Kappe is extremely knowledgeable and has helped my back pain tremendously! Along with being adjusted, each time I have a session I leave with tangible things I can do at home to continue to help my body heal and strengthen. These exercises, along with the adjustments, are making a huge difference for me, even after only a handful of sessions. My mobility and stability have increased, and my pain has decreased. I highly recommend Live In Ease!”

Megan Thompson

“I came in with lower back problems due to sciatica. Dr. Bryan has educated me on my back and how my posture has a lot to do with how my back works. Every session I go to I learn more and more about my spine! He also shows me different types of stretches that help ease the pain.”

Johann Romo

“Dr. Kappe is hands down the best chiropractor in the Bay Area! His extensive knowledge paired with steady hands will put the pep back in your step. Do yourself a favor and see this guy!”

Nathan Pettyjohn

“Bryan is an actual miracle worker. I met him fortuitously one afternoon through a mutual friend. The day I met Bryan, I was using crutches and a medical-walking shoe. I ended up walking two miles home, pain free, after a single correction.

Three weeks before meeting Bryan, I randomly woke up with such extreme toe pain that I couldn’t walk. After an x-ray, blood tests, and several hospital visits, and an immeasurable amount of inconvenience and stress, the doctors claimed I was suffering with everything from gout to insect bites to rheumatoid arthritis. I was advised to purchase as pair of expensive insoles and get a cortisone shot. Fortunately I didn’t do that.

Upon meeting Bryan, he casually examined my foot, told me exactly what was wrong, and then offered to make a painless correction. In seconds, I was walking as I’d nothing had ever happened.

I have continued to see Bryan. He patiently answers my questions, provides customized exercises, and always ensures that I am comfortable. Bryan is generous, patient, kind, and passionate about helping others thrive, and I amvery grateful for his support.”

Keith Bartolomei

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