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About the teacher

Dr. Kappe

At 21, I was getting into weight lifting and in the middle of a squat I injured myself and I experienced debilitating nerve pain starting from my low back that reached down to my foot. I went to my MD, where I was given a prescription for pain medicine and physical therapy, neither of which helped to resolve my issue.

I began searching for alternatives. I had been active all my life, playing sports, running, and lifting. This injury was both physically AND emotionally debilitating. In my search for healing I found chiropractic, yoga, and barefoot running. Inspired, I decided to go to chiropractic school, I wanted to be able to help others whose lives are affected by injury.

In my clinical experiences I have found great results from training patients with therapeutic exercises that are researched to be effective at pain relief and increase in mobility. I am passionate about sharing this series as it has been essential to my recovery and that of my patients in the Bay Area.

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