Corrective Care

When the nervous system is released from tension, the body can express ease, leading to improved quality of life and decreased likelihood of medical necessity in the future.

From the start of care we provide a comprehensive approach to your health, easing the burden of past traumas and guiding your future wellness.

Heart rate variability

Chiropractic adjustments effect heart and blood vesel adaptability.

Natural pain relief

Chiropractic results in an 85% reduction in pharmaceutical costs.


Chiropractic patients are 62% less likley to require surgeries.

Dr. Bryan Kappe D.C.

Dr. Bryan Kappe D.C.


At 21 I experienced debilitating nerve pain starting from my low back that reached down to my foot. 
After going to my MD I was left with a prescription for pain medicine and physical therapy that was not resolving my issue.
Born out of the will to be free of pain and active again I started a journey that transformed me completely and gave way to the study of Chiropractic medicine.  
As a Doctor of Chiropractic I have completed extensive research into the ways the body becomes injured and lacks function and how to apply Chiropractic medicine to remedy this.
What I love about my job is that it creates a natural response in the body that works and corrects for more than what you expect.

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